Questions and Answers

  • About 94 % of all marketing and advertising budget is spent in order to try to get a customer to call a business, yet only 6 % of that same budget is spent to handle the incoming calls.
  • Seven out of ten callers are put on hold for an average of 43 seconds. Moreover, about 60% of these callers put on hold hearing no music, or hearing a dial tone will hang up before you get back to them… and 50% of them will never call back.

Here, we don’t put our cutomers on-hold.

You’ve never used the hold button?  While it’s good to discourage your employees from keeping your customers on-hold, the truth remains that it happens, when transferring them to another office, or while fetching a file or other information.

Our favorite radio station is connected and plays radio on-hold.

Have you thought about the fact that by playing the radio on-hold, you’re taking the risk that your clients hear your competitors’ advertisements? They might then decide to hang up and call them instead… Also, when you connect the radio to your on-hold telephone system, you MUST pay the copyrights and royalty fees to the SOCAN following the legislation in force.

We don’t want to « sell » anything to our customers on-hold.

Our scriptwriters create your messages according to the information you want to communicate to your clientele. If you wish, the objective of your message can be to inform your callers on themes and subjects that concern them directly and that they know less about. Hence general information they’ll love hearing and passing on! YOU are the one in charge of deciding the subjects to be addressed!

We have more than one location and a message is needed for each.

Many options are available: customized copies, similar or different messages for each… Ask our representatives about the methods and terms!

How important is a professional on-hold message? A neighbor said he would record some kind of message for our company for free!

Portraying the image of YOUR company to YOUR clientele requires certain communication skills. Contact-Tel’s team members are SPECIALISTS that have the know-how and the experience in on-hold messaging which your neighbor more than likely does not have. Moreover, we have the required equipment to produce and transfer an impeccable message onto your telephone lines!