Personalized On-Hold Telephone Messaging

Why choosing personalized on-hold telephone messaging?

Make the best use of your telephone waiting time! Music is entertaining, but does not give any information, while silence gives the caller the impression that he or she has been forgotten or that you’ve hung up the phone.

In order to enhance the client experience, transform your phone lines into an informative and promotional channel.

Customized texts give further information to your callers, giving them the opportunity to know you better, to be aware of what you can offer them, and getting them interested in doing business with your company.

With personalized on-hold messaging,
you will be able to:

  • make the waiting time more pleasant and interesting;
  • boost your sales and inform your clientele;
  • introduce your company;
  • showcase your new and base products, services, and promotions;
  • answer frequently asked questions and save precious time at your reception desk;
  • confirm your corporate image and what makes you unique;
  • improve relationships with your clients.

Here is how Contact-Tel eases the achievement of your customized message

We create a message of about 3 minutes and 30 seconds narrated on a musical background, and usually including 4 subjects and 4 greeting pauses, or 8 short topics.

We give you the opportunity to modify your message according to your needs.

Your assigned writer creates messages for you based on your suggested themes or provides you with her own proposal. You can also choose to create a customized repertoire, which ensure successful time management!


  1. Your message is then submitted to you for approval. At this point, you can ask for any modification you would like, until you are entirely satisfied with the result.
  2. Your preferences as for the narration type and musical style are taken into consideration, and then the production process gets underway.
  3. Our experienced voices record your text and our sound technician undertakes the production of a professional quality audio edit.
  4. Now everything is ready for your customized message to be transferred on your lines!


Choosing Contact-Tel means opting for a dynamic team that will help you reach your goals!


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All-In-One Packages

Contact-Tel offers you all-in-one packages including:

the conception, recording and production of the messages;
the remote transfer or the sending of the message according to your needs;
the messages and voicemail messages updates, and the recording of vocal menus.*

* Certain conditions apply.